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Terrace Leakage Waterproofing

Terrace waterproofing is an exceptionally basic area as it is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions, climatic changes and rains.

Crack filling

Crack filling is the placement of materials into low movement cracks to reduce infiltration of water and incompressible materials into the crack.

Pressure Grouting

Pressure Grouting is the process of pumping a cement or chemical grout into soft or weak strata of soil or voids.

Bathroom Waterproofing

It's the place which gets mostly wet daily and easily prone to water damages.

Brush Bond Coating

Brushbond is a cementitious coating for application to concrete and brickwork to provide a waterproof barrier and fiil out surface imperfections.

Water Tank Leakage

Water tanks store water daily and easily get cracks, mold growth, or stains. The solution to this problem is using waterproof coating in overhead and underground water tanks.

External Walls

The external walls get directly exposed to rain, heat, and other weather conditions, which leads to crack formation, wet spots, damp floors, and mildew growth.

Swimming Pool

A common and affordable way to prepare the final surface of a swimming pool is to paint it with a special paint, such as an epoxy coating.

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